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Subsea Vision can offer eyeball / inspection class ROV's to the offshore industry. All our operators are highly experienced with our systems as well as offshore operations. We have gained a great deal of repeat business in the North Sea and overseas.
The power to weight ratio of our ROV's and their ability to work in strong tides enables them to out perform other ROV's in their class.

Subsea Vision own and operate the following equipment in the offshore industry:

- Zone II Free swimming LARS with a capacity of 450m of umbilical and Zone II control container - Seaeye Cougar XTC and Tiger ROV
- Safe Area Free swimming LARS complete with 1700m of umbilical and safe area control containers - Seaeye Falcon DR ROV
- Standard Falcon ROV's, 300m depth rated systems with or without control containers

We have experience in the following:

Platform based inspections

•GVI and CVI of platform members and associated components

•High Pressure water jetting cleaning

•Mechanical Brush cleaning

•Contact and Proximity CP readings

•Flooded Member Detection

•Ultra Thickness measurements on caissons and other subsea components

•Riser and conductor inspections

•Seabed inspections

FPSO inspections

•Hull plating



•Submerged Turret Production(STP) Buoy

HP water jetting

Sea chest cleaning

•Integration of Welaptega Calliper measuring tool for chain wear on chain moorings

•Surveys on Anode systems

•Contact and Proximity CP readings

•Flexible Risers, umbilical's and associated components

•Security of floatation collars

•Under side of the STP buoy, connection points to risers and umbilical's

•Mid water arches and associated components

•Riser bases

•HP Water Jetting cleaning

•Removal of mussel growth


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